100% italian

From the extraordinary olive groves of Lake Garda and the magnificent Moraine Hills
comes our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the expression of an area that for centuries has been associated with olive growing.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Franto, Molito and Denocciolato

Three processing methods for three unique types of oil, with a bold character and unmistakable taste


Extra virgin olive oil obtained with a continuous pressing process.
For anyone who likes strong tastes.


Extra virgin olive oil obtained by crushing olives with stone mills in the most traditional method. Sweet taste.


Extra virgin olive oil extracted from the pulp only, discarding the kernel. It is easy to digest, with intense aromatic notes.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
“Green Label”

Simple and genuine for everyday use with any dish

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil POG is 100% Italian made, obtained from the pressing of olives from the area around Lake Garda and the moraine hills in the hinterland, and is extracted using only mechnical cold pressing techniques.

Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Filtered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Garda DOP Orientale

The excellence of our area, from olives that are selected following strict production specifications.

Garda DOP Orientale

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Crude, unfiltered

An unfiltered oil with an intense, pleasantly tingly taste

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“OP” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A fully traceable product that is flavoursome and respects the environment

“OP” Extra Virgin Olive Oil