Passion, tradition and quality

Passion for the quality of the POG Oil Press

The lake, the mountains and the olive groves that surround the town of Caprino Veronese form a backdrop for our olive press. Since 1984 it has transformed a product that has been part of a centuries-old tradition in the hinterland of Lake Garda.

Since then, thanks to the will of 10 partners who decided to put their skills together, a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been produced that respects the most traditional cold extraction techniques.

To date, over 2,000 producers have acknowledged the distinct quality and the service offered, which have led to the adoption of this oil producing technique.

We know that milling is the most essential part of the production process and we are convinced that oil of an outstanding quality is also the result of constant innovation in this field.

For this reason, our olive press is equipped with the latest technology and produces each batch of olives individually using a multi-phase centrifugal extraction system.