Olive press in Caprino Veronese

Olive Oil Mill
The extraordinary olive groves in the area of Lake Garda led to the idea and desire to promote a product that has a history spanning thousands of years and is a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, a link between cities and the countryside and a tool of direct communication between farmers and urban dwellers.

Our Territory

We believe that every olive tree has its own history and should be nurtured and pampered. This is why we are committed to improving plant growth using organic methods with a low environmental impact to ensure the highest standards for the end consumer. We are convinced that safeguarding the local growing traditions is the key to offering a healthier product.


Sale Point

The reliability of our point of sale, which has since become a benchmark for our very loyal clientèle, has increased over the years, also thanks to the fast service and helpful approach of our staff.

Our Olive Mill

Our olive press is equipped with the latest technology and produces each batch of olives individually using a multi-phase centrifugal extraction system. We know that milling is the most essential part of the production process and we are convinced that oil of an outstanding quality is also the result of constant innovation in this field.

OP – Organisation of Producers

Numerous producers place their trust in us each year by bringing us olives from the moraine hills of the Garda area, contributing towards the excellence of extra-virgin olive oil OP. Our oil can be traced from the producer to the consumer.


Clean energy

Our commitment to the protection of the environment is constant throughout the supply chain. For this purpose, we exploit the biomass energy obtained from the olive pressing and milling processes and the pruning residues from the trees, transforming a waste product into an invaluable resource.


We always stay in contact with our customers and associates with a newsletter and a bulletin with information on the olive growing industry. We like to think that the greatest richness of all lies in the value of relationships.

Educational Farm

Educational farm
We participate in the Regional Educational Farms project and carry out educational and informative activities for schools and consumers with the aim of rediscovering the value of agriculture, of devotion to the land and its products.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian

Olive Oils from our Mill

Vinegar, Olive and Derivatives

From an accurate selection of raw materials

Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our oils full of flavour and fragrance

Cosmetics from our olive oil

Cosmetics from our olive oil


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